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Twisto is on a mission to challenge the status quo of everyday finance. Exceptional customer experience, delivered through cutting edge technology. Pay fast, simply and securely.

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Platební appka s kartou, která zjednodušuje život.
Platební appka s kartou, která zjednodušuje život.

Features customers love using daily

Twisto card with Apple Pay

No need to carry a wallet anymore. With Twisto, you can just pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Simply confirm payments with Touch ID or Face ID to make your purchases safe and seamless.

Shop with one click online, pay 14 days after delivery

Hundreds of online stores have integrated Twisto, enabling you to shop with just one click and pay only after the goods have been delivered to your home. When shopping online, look for Twisto among the payment methods.

The best FX rates when shopping abroad

With the Twisto Premium card, you enjoy interbank rates on all your purchases abroad. No bank can match this. The same rate is also applied when shopping in foreign online stores.

Pay any invoice by email or photo

No more paying your bills and invoices the old way. Just take a photo of them through the Twisto app or forward them to, and Twisto will take care of the payment. It can't get any simpler than this.

Wave your hand to pay with the NFC bracelet

The Twisto payment bracelet is here for everyone who wants to pay comfortably when on the go or when your hands are already full. Simply wave the NFC bracelet - no need to take out your wallet or card.

Easily split bills with friends

Enjoying a night out with friends? The good times often stop when it's time to divide the bill. Twisto Split keeps the fun going by making bill splitting easy.

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