Live your way.
Pay your way.

With Twisto you can shop in traditional or online stores and choose when you would like to pay – right away or even up to 45 days later! All this completely free of charge.

Pay in Poland or abroad, with the best exchange rates on the market. With no extra hassle!


How it works?

01 — Download the Twisto app

Get your card completely free of charge. Also, stay tuned – we have a lot more features coming including Apple Pay and virtual cards.

01 — Get a monthly spending limit

We will tailor your limit according to your needs and means. From now on you can pay flexibly, whenever you want wherever you want.

03 — Shop as you like

With Twisto account you can shop anywhere, whether it’s a traditional or online shop, in Poland or abroad, using the best exchange rates. You can easily control your spending in our app.

Pay as you like

What you get with Twisto?

You choose when you’d like to pay

At the end of each month we will add up all your expenses in the app. From then you’ll have 15 days to make the payment. If you prefer you can pay some or all of your balance before that. With no extra charge.

Defer the payment

You can postpone the payment to the following month by paying only 10% of the bill and a small commission. Check out the details in our app and decide what is best for you.

Account and card free of charge

You can use the Twisto app for free. We do not charge you anything, and we don’t impose a minimum monthly spend!

Twisto card
mobilní ikona

Download the Twisto app for free and finally have your finances under control.

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Otherworldly comfort

We make shopping easier

The best currency exchange rates

With Twisto you can enjoy the best exchange rates while shopping in Poland or abroad, in traditional or online shops. Wherever Mastercard is accepted. Completely free of charge.

Safe shopping

Twisto enables you to try out the product and only Pay if you decide to keep it. If you decide the product is not for you – it’s okay, you can just return it with no cost. If you like the product you’ll have 21 (without registration) or even up to 45 days (registration required) to make the payment.