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Top-notch Twisto money app and a contest for amazing prices soon in Romania! You buy now, Pay when you want to and always have control over your finances. Fill in the box below with your e-mail address, click "Send" and we will notify you as soon as everything is ready.

What do you get with Twisto?

With benefits enjoyed by over 150,000 customers from the Czech Republic and Poland

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You chose when you’d like to pay

Always keep shopping with Twisto – pay the bills at the end of month. With a few clicks and without side fees. You can pay with a classic card or a sustainable option.

Account and card free of charge

Both the Twisto account and the card are free. On the contrary, we will give you credits for registering and recommending Twisto. Plus, you have an ultra clear app on hand - also free.

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More Twisto benefits


Safety first

The Twisto card is not connected to your bank account, so you don’t risk your own money. If you accidentally lose a card, you can simply block/unblock it in the app.


Perfect spending insights

Thanks to the Twisto app you get control over your expenses. After each transaction you will receive a mobile notification and in the Spending section (where your payments will automatically be divided into categories) you can see on what you spent the most in a month.


Best exchange rate

Twisto is not a bank - it adds nothing to the exchange rate. Every foreign payment can be up to 3% cheaper (this applies to e-shops and physical stores).


Split the bill with friends

With Twisto Split, you can SPLIT your spendings with friends (even those who don't have Twisto). It takes just a few seconds, it's useful and you can still have fun - send a funny gif along with your receipt.

Making everyday transactions seamless

Twisto is a FinTech service with a clear mission. Get rid of difficulties when it comes to everyday payments and bills in general. Twisto first appeared on Czech e-shops in 2013. Today, it offers a complete payment ecosystem operating in Poland and the Czech Republic and has more than 150 000 (satisfied) customers.